eeeeeeee!!!!! you can enter for a chance at a free doll!!!! isn't madi's blog just the best???

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Yay! i am super excited about the dolls being back and my mom said she would get the one i picked for Christmas! I was decideing between Samantha and Kirsten and finally decided on Kirsten w the help of some ppl from AGDN!! Are u getting any dolls? which ones?

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Ok I'm back!!

Ok now for the #4 mold:

I'm really excited about this, but they're supposed to be making new Truly Me dolls and putting the mold on them. I wish they'd just bring #4 back so that people can get her, and her face mold is still unique to her. For example, I think it's really cool that Nanea is the only one with the Nanea mold and that I have that doll. It makes the mold special. That's how I would feel with #4 mold.

and for bonus the World By Us line:

So, Im REALLY excited about this , it sounds so cool. I really wanna get a World By Us doll when they come out!!!!!!! I'm so excited and I only have one problem; the same problem I have with Kira: It's AMERICAN girl. key word there: AMERICA. I love that American Girl is making diverse dolls; but they gotta at least live in America! I don't mind it really, and I'll still be saving up for a doll. After all, they could all be living in America. And even if they're not they still sound awesome and I'm so excited!!!! Aren't you?

What I hoped to happen:

I really hoped AG would bring back Caroline. I know she sold well. Me, and 2 of my friends have her. I'm pretty sure A LOT of girls have her!! I don't understand why she retired in the first place. She's just so beutiful!!!! She's my fav doll along with Nanea!!!

Second, I wish they'd bring back the Best Friend line. in my opinion, Nellie is better than Samantha. And I love the rest of the dolls just the same. (Ruthie is my favrite, but her best friend is KIT. That's hard to top) The best friends are AMAZING!! I love them so much.

Last, they should bring back all the cubed dolls collections!! I REALLY want Josefina's goat, Sombrita!!! And didn't Kit have such a cool collection?? I mean, Samantha had an ice cream parlor!!! And I've not gotten to see all of Addy's, but I really want the doll, and i bet it's AWESOMEEEE

ok that's what I hope for the 35th anniversary!!! What do you??

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